Why did we Create OrangeSTEM?

Florida leads the United States in Lightning Fatalities and Injuries

Between 1990 and 2003, 126 people died from lightning strikes in the State of Florida. That's more than twice the next highest state (Texas with 52 fatalities during that same time period).

Florida's unique geography makes us exceptionally vulnerable to dangerous lightning throughout the year. This combined with our myriad of outdoor activities including world famous beaches, golf courses, and amusement parks is a dangerous combination.

We have partnered with TOA Systems, providers creators of a worldwide lightning detection network, to bring real-time lightning detection all across Florida to the OrangeSTEM web, mobile, and social media platform.

Using OrangeSTEM's Practical Lightning Assistant, you can be notified by text, e-mail, or within the OrangeSTEM app whenever lightning comes within a specified region of interest.

Florida has been hit by deadly hurricanes in every month from June through November

As the population of Florida continues to grow and our coastlines become more welcoming of residents and tourists, our vulnerability to debilitating hurricanes grows as well.

Hurricanes have reshaped our states coastlines and has had dramatic impacts on our state's top industries - agriculture and tourism.

Whenever a tropical system forms in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, or Caribbean Sea, you will receive PERSONALIZED information relative to YOUR LOCATION via the OrangeSTEM web, mobile, and social media platform.

In September 2017, OrangeSTEM's parent company, WeatherSTEM, played a major role in preparing citizens of Florida for the impending Hurricane Irma by setting up a Hurricane Irma Hotline in each county in the state.

Florida is #3 in the United States in Tornado Activity

Florida is behind only Texas and Kansas in average number of tornadoes per 10,000 square miles between 1991 and 2010.

There has been at least one tornado in each of Florida's 67 counties between 1950 and 2012 including the dramatic February 22, 1998 tornado that killed 25 people in Osceola County.

Tornadoes can strike suddenly and without warning. Weather data gathered from well over 700 weather stations and cameras across Florida flows continuously into the OrangeSTEM web, mobile, and social media platform along with satellite and radar imagery and updates from the National Weather Service.

At the first sign of tornado development, our system will keep you informed.

Every summer, over 20 million Floridians are subjected to a dangerous combination of heat and humidity

Hot, humid Florida summer days can be downright dangerous to people of all ages, even those in good health.

OrangeSTEM utilizes a highly scientific method of computing a value called Wet Bulb Globe Temperature that combines temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity readings to indicate a heat flag color that will be white, green, yellow, red, or black.

When black flag conditions exist, it may be a good idea to remain indoors.

Some states, including Georgia, are mandating that Wet Bulb Globe Temperature readings need to be made before any high school athletic events can begin. Be on the lookout for such legislation to hit Florida in the near future. With OrangeSTEM, you'll be prepared.

We think Florida should be the MOST weather literate state

Florida is one of the most weather-impacted states in the United States. Our two biggest industries, agriculture and tourism, live and die by the weather.

And as developed above, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and excessive heat are amongst the many weather-related dangers our more than 20 million citizens contend with day-in and day-out.

We have created hundreds of high-quality educational materials that cover meteorology from A to Z - all aligned to the State of Florida's educational standards so they can easily be incorporated into lessons for K-12 students.

We have also created a high quality high school-level meteorology course.

Check out OrangeSTEM's education repository.