Who Can Become a Host Site?

Any Florida public entity or private business is eligible to become an OrangeSTEM host site including schools, colleges/universities, police stations, fire stations, golf courses, parks, shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, HOA buildings, libraries, hospitals, and animal shelters.

OrangeSTEM weather stations are as beautiful as they are informative. We will custom paint the weather station with your organization's colors/logos.


OrangeSTEMCost If You Provide Internet and PowerCost If We Provide Internet and Power *
First Year$5,000$10,000
Annual Cost AFTER First Year$2,000 per year$4,000 per year
Annual Cost AFTER First Year With 3-Year Commitment$1,500 per year$3,000 per year
Annual Cost AFTER First Year With 5-Year Commitment$1,000 per year$2,000 per year

* Typically, we connect the OrangeSTEM weather station and camera to a host site's power and Internet. If OrangeSTEM is hosted in a site that does NOT have reliable power and/or Internet, we can provide it via solar panels and cellular technologies.

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How to

To host a custom-branded OrangeSTEM weather station and cloud camera and have a customized website, social media pages, and presence in the OrangeSTEM app, you simply pay OrangeSTEM a one-time setup fee then an annual membership fee.

This membership fee covers all equipment, installation, support, and ongoing maintenance.

What about Cost Sharing/Co-Branding? Do you have a business partner who would like to help cover the costs of your becoming an OrangeSTEM host site? We can work with you to enable that and facilitate co-branding.

We commit to donate 10% of the OrangeSTEM's earnings to the University of Florida's Citrus Research and Education Center.

The citrus industry, critical to our state's economy, took a hard hit from Hurricane Irma in September 2017 and we hope our gesture will provide a small amount of aid to fund the scientists who are helping make sure more than 90% of the United States' orange juice comes from Florida oranges.

What happens when you become an OrangeSTEM Host Site?

  • 1

    We Install Your Weather Station

    OrangeSTEM weather stations are as beautiful as they are durable and reliable. They measure temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, air pressure, and rainfall (both how hard it's raining and how much has accumulated). They also measure solar radiation as well as ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The weather station is custom painted with your organization's colors and logos which will delight your visitors! The weather station transmits measured readings to OrangeSTEM continuously.

  • 2

    We Install Your Cloud Camera

    OrangeSTEM cloud cameras are waterproof and take gorgeous pictures of the skies overhead and transmit them to OrangeSTEM continuously. We can even set up live video feeds.

  • 3

    We Setup Your Website

    Data from your OrangeSTEM weather station and your cloud camera are displayed in real-time on your own website. The website, open to the public, also displays tons of other information including forecasts, radar, satellite, advisories, and so much more. You can also sell advertising space using OrangeSTEM's Ad platform!

  • 4

    We Setup Your Social Media Pages

    Your OrangeSTEM weather station gets its own Facebook page and Twitter page that are automatically updated throughout the day with alerts, interesting facts, and images.

  • 5

    We Set You Up on the OrangeSTEM App

    Your OrangeSTEM weather station's data and images will be displayed live to the world on the OrangeSTEM mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • 6

    We Support You

    We visit your OrangeSTEM weather station at least twice a year to make sure everything is working perfectly.