OrangeSTEM Architect Ed Mansouri

Ed Mansouri is the architect behind OrangeSTEM.

Ed's mission for OrangeSTEM is simple:


Ed had wanted to be a Meteorologist since the age of 6. He earned Bachelors degrees in both Meteorology and Engineering from Penn State University and a Masters degree in Meteorology from Florida State University.

In 1999 while teaching Meteorology at FSU, Ed developed a Learning Management System (LMS) named Educator. An LMS is a program that enables courses and academic programs to be offered via the Internet.

Ed started a company that marketed and further developed Educator and went on to serve over 4 million students.

In 2015, Ed launched WeatherSTEM, the company behind OrangeSTEM as his heart was pulling him strongly toward a career in Meteorology.

Ed appears on The Weather Channel's Weather Geeks Program

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Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel Narrates Video Featuring Ed

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OrangeSTEM Founder Ed Mansouri

  • BS (Penn State) and MS (Florida State) degrees in Meteorology
  • Founder of Ucompass, e-learning technology company used by over 4 millions students
  • Founder of WeatherSTEM, a Weather Education and Intelligence Company
  • Innovation Award Winner at 2016 Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference
  • Named 2015 Partner Of The Year by Florida State University's Department of Research
  • Visited and set up weather stations in each of Florida's 67 counties in 2015
  • Serves on the Board of Directors of Florida State University's Coastal and Marine Laboratory